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Wanted Fun Committee Volunteers


Do you have some spare time and would love to get involved in a community project? Or maybe you want to meet your extended neighbours and work together to help plan our next big event! We’re looking for fresh ideas on how to inspire our community and for members to join The FUN Committee. Open to all residents of Caddington and Slip End (CaSE). Get in contact now –

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If you would like to get in contact with Rebecca, CaSE’s full time Trust Manager who is based at the Lyons Community Centre, please click here, email, call 01582 227366, send a message on Facebook Messenger or write to Lyons Community Centre.



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Lunch unplugged details on a community walk

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Caddington & Slip End Community Trust (CaSE) was formed in December 2014 by General Motors and Redrow Homes, as a lasting legacy from the development at Caddington Woods. Caddington Woods is located between the villages of Chaul End and Caddington within Central Bedfordshire.

CaSE’s principal function is to own and manage the public open spaces, play areas, and community facilities at Caddington Woods, but was also established to deliver wider community benefits to the residents of the two parishes of Caddington and Slip End.

CaSE has been endowed with a number of affordable homes on the new Caddington Woods development. The income from these homes will be used to maintain the delightful green spaces and community facilities, including a low carbon community centre, publicly accessible woodlands and play area. It also supports the running of a community bus service providing a link between the new neighbourhood at Caddington Woods and the surrounding areas.



CaSE provides a FREE demand-led bus service

The 230 bus service runs between Luton & Dunstable Hospital and Luton Interchange, via Luton Airport Parkway, and during school hours operates journeys via Stockwood Park Academy and Caddington Primary. The Trust expects to continue to expand the frequency of the 230 service as demand grows.

It is important that the bus services are tailored to the needs of local residents. Therefore, we are conducting ongoing research to find out more about residents’ travel requirements for school, shops, work, and leisure, in order to make the local bus services work for you. To have your say about the free 230 bus service, please click here to complete our survey.

230 Bus Timetable
230 Bus Map
Play Area

Children’s Play Area

These fully equipped modern facilities set within parkland trees and located opposite the Community Centre, are to be the focus for both children’s play and a range of community activities including organised community play schemes, events and other activities.

To report any maintenance issues please contact us as soon as possible


The Lyons Community Centre is open for your booking needs.

The centre boasts bright, modern equipped spaces that are fit for a vibrant community.  Halls for hire will be fitted with equipment for all your needs including an easy to use Bluetooth sound system and high speed internet.  It is available for your family functions, children’s parties and other community group activities.

In addition, the centre includes office and meeting room spaces with flexible use. Hire these spaces for your work from home, meeting, consulting or therapeutic activities.

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Caddington Woods is surrounded by established trees and woodlands with a number of footpaths running through the woods, and connecting into established walking routes across the surrounding countryside.

CaSE is managing and maintaining these woodlands and all of the Caddington Woods public landscaped spaces to maximise both the ecological and recreational benefits for the local community.

Please do enjoy them, and notify us of any rubbish, vandalism or areas in need of attention.

To read our Environmental Policy please click here.


Caddington Woods is a residential development of 325 dwellings, a play area and community hub. Redrow are providing a range of high-quality houses for sale, two housing associations (Thrive Homes and Catalyst) are providing housing for social rent and CaSE are offering the properties it has been endowed with at “Intermediate Rent”, i.e. 80% of current market rents. There are 3 sizes of CaSE properties: 2 bed, 3 bed (4 person) and 3 bed (5 person). CaSE trustees have adopted a localised lettings policy which gives priority to people in housing need who originate from or have close family connections in Caddington and Slip End.

CaSE now have a total of 46 properties across Caddington Woods, managed by Central Bedfordshire Council’s Letting Service. For more information, or to check the status of an application, please contact Central Bedfordshire Council here


CaSE Community Trust is managed by a board of trustees made up of different stakeholder interests. Introducing you to our current board…

Kevin Collins

Councillor Kevin Collins

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Rob Gray

Dave Bent

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Alison Jackson

Dave Bent

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Dave Bent

Dave Bent

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Helen Brind

Dave Bent

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Mark Russell

Mark Russell

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Councillor Simon Patterson

Dave Bent

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Steve Baird

Steve Baird

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Heritage Greenway

What is the Heritage Greenway (HG)?

The HG will provide an ‘easy access’ route for pedestrians, cyclists, and where possible, horse-riders. It will seek to celebrate and secure the rural setting of Caddington and Slip End, which has high heritage, wildlife and landscape value.

The route will link the communities to each other, with surrounding areas of heritage and wildlife interest; and with Luton. Opportunities will be sought to protect and celebrate the area’s rich heritage and to enhance and create habitats and landscape features. Much more than a linear access path, the HG will seek to be a corridor of great environmental value, with many links to adjacent destinations and features of interest.

What is the aim of the Heritage Greenway?

The aim is for the HG to:

  • Be traffic free, un-broken, with no missing links and a minimal number of road crossings

  • Be safe and inspire confidence in visitors and offer ‘easy access’ and designated, safe crossing points

  • Have the potential for future upgrading to use by cyclists (where not already possible)

  • Provide connections between where people live and where they want to travel

  • Be clearly signed and easy to follow and well maintained

  • Provide enhanced user enjoyment through the provision of information boards and benches in attractive locations

  • Where possible provide access for horses, particularly links to existing bridleways

  • Be protected from future development and cause no damage to archaeological sites


Embrace Logo

Embrace offers education engagement services across Bedfordshire, tailored interventions, mentoring, 1-1 support and an alternative education provision. We are female focused and work with girls who find mainstream education a challenge. Embrace has a trauma informed and attachment aware approach to practice and focuses on developing their learners holistically. Our aim is to encourage our learners and re-engage them with their learning in a supportive environment. Embrace have been using the facilities at the Lyons Community Centre since September 2020 and are getting on really well, they want to continue over the coming years.

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